Brands are becoming publishers, but very few organisations have mastered how to create compelling, engaging content that has impact and cuts through. FinPix has proprietary content development processes which will help you get the attention you deserve. Especially, the impact of digital tech on production costs has now opened the door for corporates to go beyond “corporate video” and make “proper” Television to share with their high value audiences.

Story telling with video

In the digital space you are dealing with sophisticated media consumers. They don’t need to be told the story with powerpoint bullets.  A lifetime of TV means we can follow the action by ourselves, provided there is a powerful story being told.

No one likes a boring lecture or being told what to think.  We want to be intrigued, thrilled, inspired, scared…  we want to be grabbed in some way.

Editorial style content

Corporate and business content is well suited to the editorial style approach used by major news outlets like BBC News or Bloomberg.  Not only is this editorial style popular with business people who typically will watch some kind of programming every day – there is a high level of trust in the content generated by this format.

Discerning audiences want to be delivered the information in a balanced way – rather than be “sold” to.  FinPix specialises in creating this documentary style of programme, capturing the story in a natural, authentic way as opposed to heavily scripted content.

Animated video

Sometimes stories and ideas can more efficiently be brought to life via animation. FinPix has significant experience in creating animated content, either to support video, or as a 100% animated piece.  Please contact us for examples of our work.

Video formats for social and other platforms

Things are moving fast, so there’s no point in just developing a video which works well in one format.  Do you need a 15 second version for social media?  No problem.  Something without sound, but with subtitles?  Great.  How about multiple languages?  Consider it done.  Just tell us what you are looking for.

To find out more about how we can help you with outstanding, broadcast quality video, take a look at the range of services we offer and some of our latest case studies.