For any FinPix project which involves the build of a website/microsite specifically mentioned in the confirmation form, and for which there is an associated support period confirmed in the confirmation form, the following standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) shall apply.

  1. This SLA is between the Client (named on the Last Word order form) and FinPix, for the support required to sustain the website(s) and microsite(s) specifically named in the order form.
  2. The SLA shall be in place from when the site(s) goes live, until the end of the period specified in the order form.  If no period is specified, the default period will be three (3) months.
  3. These SLAs may be updated at any time by FinPix, and the current version will always be live on this webpage.
  4. The following detailed service parameters are the responsibility of FinPix:
  5. FinPix will manage:
    1. all incident requests from and conversations with client users (employees and contractors) and client admins.
    2. all development (if any is agreed).
    3. all interaction with the server team (in this case WP Engine).
  6. FinPix is supported by WP Engine (“the host”), who are responsible for server maintenance including backups/redundancies, server uptime, penetration testing, plugin compliance, updates, exploits and similar hosting related matters.
    1. The relationship with WP Engine is managed by FinPix .
    2. FinPix has premium support around environment related matters (such as wordpress updates, vulnerabilities etc).
  7. All support issues to be received by the Help Desk at [email protected]
    1. We target all responses within one business day, and support is provided via email and helpdesk (not telephone).
    2. Time to issue resolution will depend upon the severity of the issue.
    3. All support requests are triaged and fall into three categories: 1. Support Incident (eg “the site is down”) 2. Service Request (eg “we need to change this image” or “we’re not sure how to add this headline”) and 3. Development Request (eg “we want to change this layout”.)
    4. Category 1 support requests are covered under our standard support arrangements.  Category 2 and 3 requests are likely to be chargeable. Charges will be agreed and signed off before work is undertaken.
    5. Remote assistance will be provided depending on the priority of the support request.
  8. Security, Data and Compliance
    1. The site(s) will meet European cookie requirements.
    2. The site(s) will incorporate privacy and legal disclaimers.
    3. No client data will be hosted on our servers.
    4. The site(s) will offer protection against malicious write attack: disk write protection & limitation – making exploits difficult; Control of Disk write & Admin privileges; Script protection; Vulnerability testing is also routinely carried out on the environment by the host.
    5. Access logs are maintained for 7 days so access can be traced.
  9. Updates
    1. For security reasons the site will be routinely updated to the latest WP version as they are released.
    2. We will update existing plugins as part of our hosting & support agreement
    3. FinPix makes no warranty that 3rd plugins/code will continue to work following updates; e.g.
      1. WordPress updates.
      2. Updates to 3rd party code bases or APIs  e.g Google (e.g. Maps), Vendors, Social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin), or specific integrations (email platforms, CRM etc) .
  10. Backups & Restore Points
    1. The site(s) will be backed up daily via a snapshot process at midnight.  
    2. The site(s) can be restored from a restore point instantly with one click.
    3. Restore points are saved initially to the server.
    4. 30 restore points are saved by default.
    5. Restore points are backed up to Amazon Glacier by the Host.
    6. Restore points will also be created before any major development or updates.

SLA updated 12/03/2018

Log of changes/updates to the standard SLAs.

  • This is the first version.