A (meeting) room with a view, 38 stories up, in Singapore.

London – Hong Kong – Singapore – the Alps.  The FinPix team is often working in multiple places at once, but the theme this week appears to have been lofty heights – and all over the world.

While the team in London ran three separate shoots in board rooms high above the City of London, two of the FinPix team attended two dozen meetings throughout the week with asset managers based in various impressively tall buildings in Singapore and Hong Kong.

A climber prepares to go “over the edge” in the name of content marketing!

Meanwhile, back in Europe, somewhere high up in the Alps, a selection of the more adventurous FinPix film crew were working with a local climber on a key scene for an upcoming FinPix video.  Climbing a sheer rock face at high altitude, the crew filmed a crucial scene in an upcoming 360 degree video which will launch to the industry in September.  Conditions for the shoot were excellent, and after shooting in three locations the team returned to “base camp”.

Watch this space for more information about upcoming campaigns.