We help organisations energise their audiences by creating editorial style digital content – especially engaging video.

Sophisticated audiences are not just interested in content about your products and services. Engagement, particularly on digital channels, requires high quality publishing focussed on issues people care about.  This requires a very clear understanding of what your audience really wants.

Specifically, we help organisations to collaborate on content creation with influencers, partners, customers and consumers to produce content which is authentic and relevant, and to reach their audience via trusted networks.

This approach, combined with our data analytics capabilities, means that we can ensure you reach and influence the right audiences and achieve the desired impact.

Digital has changed the rules.

Audience-development-in-text-imageIn the Digital space the rules continue to change.

The free ride via organic search or social media is essentially over. You have to own your own audience, or pay the likes of Google, YouTube, Facebook or other platforms to reach it.

At the same time delivery of content is changing as video is increasing consumed on mobile and social media directly.

Businesses are thus well advised to focus on developing their audiences by creating high value content that people value, as opposed to low end digital content that creates no loyalty.

Digital now facilitates custom audience aggregation at relatively low prices on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, or any of the key industry properties selling media space.  Advertisers no longer had to pay The Wall Street Journal to reach a WSJreading audience. You can create your own, bespoke WSJ audience.

So at the same time as businesses can deliver high-quality programming to existing audiences – new audiences can be acquired essentially via a media buying function.

Take a look at the range of services we offer and some of our latest case studies.