The following FinPix terms of business apply to all FinPix projects.

  1. Additional terms of business. These terms of business are in addition to any standard terms on projects where there are FinPix deliverables (including Last Word terms of business or conditions of contract).  For the avoidance of doubt, these terms will be read as additional terms and will be interpreted as if they were written into Last Word’s terms of business or conditions of contract, forming part of the agreement between the client and Last Word.
  2. Confirmed outputs. Pricing is based upon confirmed outputs for each project, specified in the project confirmation form or, where this does not exist, within the confirmation email.  If the client is unclear about the parameters of confirmed outputs, they should raise this immediately with the project team.  For the avoidance of doubt:
    1. Ownership in working design files and other drafts or development files, including but not limited to database system, website platforms, raw video footage, other source files and working drafts, will not pass to the client at any time unless FinPix’s or Last Word’s proposal expressly contemplates this, and the budget estimates include express provision for this.  In such cases any transfer of ownership will be limited purely to the elements or files specifically and expressly referenced in the proposal.
    2. Where any of the elements or confirmed outputs being delivered by FinPix is delivered on the FinPix digital platform (including web platform(s) and any third party or cloud hosted platforms), ownership of the platform does not pass to the client or any other third party at any stage, and nor do any working or development files (as per the previous sub-clause).  Rather, FinPix grants the client a simple “licence to use” for the agreed period of the campaign, or for as long as the website/platform is beings “supported”, whichever timeframe is shorter.
  3. Additional requirements or outputs. Any additional requirements or new outputs requested by the client and which fall outside of the confirmed outputs may be charged on to the client in addition to the originally agreed project fee.  For the avoidance of doubt, re-working artwork, or retrieving elements of digital designs for videos for use outside of the agreed scope of the project, will be regarded as “additional requirements”.
  4. Shoot venue(s). Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the venue for the shoot will be on location and the client’s premises (potentially with multiple rooms available), and shall be assumed to be at the client’s key premises or head office within the United Kingdom.  Of course, with planning, the FinPix team is able to shoot anywhere in the world. If alternative locations or multiple shoot locations are required, or if the FinPix team is required to “scout” new locations on behalf of the client, FinPix may provide additional cost estimates for client approval.
  5. Shooting at your premises. Where FinPix agrees to shoot additional “b-roll” footage (usually on the same day as interviews) in and around your premises, including but not limited to footage of some of your people, your working environment and your signage, it is the client’s responsibility to remove any items which you do not wish to have visible in shot (e.g. take-out coffee cups, umbrellas or stacks of files on desks).  We will follow usual protocols around confidentiality, being discrete and actively avoiding any ares of the premises you confirm we should not shoot.  The client acknowledges that choice of b-roll shots will be limited to what can be captured on site in the available time.
  6. Changes to shoot date(s). Once shoot dates have been confirmed by the client in writing (including email), any subsequent client-requested change to shoot dates may incur costs (in addition to the agreed budget or fees) including but not limited to non-refundable travel and accommodation costs, equipment hire or freighting costs, and deposits and payments to any contractors or third parties.  For the avoidance of doubt, this clause applies to all projects.
  7. Client feedback and amendments. For all digital outputs, FinPix has budgeted for one round of amendments by the client, based on one set of consolidated feedback from the client, via our key client contact.  Should further rounds of amendments be requested or required after the first round, these may be charged on to the client at time and cost.
  8. Agreed timeline.  For all FinPix projects, a timeline will be presented to the client towards the beginning of the project.  This will include key milestones, delivery dates and stages during the project requiring client review, feedback and sign-off.  The client acknowledges that where the client is unable to provide feedback and sign-off within the allotted timeframes, this may cause the project (including production process) to get out of sync, and FinPix may need to reschedule the rest of the project around other FinPix projects which have already been confirmed with other clients.  In other words, a delay of say one day in providing feedback may result in the client’s project having to be extended by multiple days (or even longer) because a production slot has been missed.
  9. FinPix methodology.  FinPix has a clearly defined methodology and process for creating digital deliverables, details of which can be found via this link.  Unless otherwise agreed with a client in relation to specific projects, FinPix will follow this methodology on all projects.
  10. Filming permissions and releases.  Where FinPix is conducting a shoot in or around the client’s premises, or involving any of the client’s employees, contractors, clients or strategic contacts, it is the client’s responsibility to obtain any filming permissions or releases.  The client  indemnifies FinPix against any future action or costs relating to permissions.
  11. Websites/Microsites SLA’s. For any FinPix project which involves the build of a website/microsite specifically mentioned in the confirmation form:
    1. where there is an associated support period confirmed in the confirmation form, the following standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) shall apply:
    2. for all such projects, the FinPix team will aim to develop the website/microsite so that it displays well on or in all mainstream browsers and operating systems – this only applies to systems which are still supported and are used by more than 2% of internet users.
  12. Updates.  Recognising that the digital world evolves swiftly, these terms of business will be updated on this page from time to time, and are effective from the date they first appear on this web page.  previous versions of these terms will be recorded below.

Terms updated 12/03/2018

Log of changes/updates to the Terms of Business.

  • 12/03/2018 Clause 11 added (Website/Microsite SLA’s).