In this digitally networked age, fundamental business assumptions are changing fast. Because information can be shared instantly and inexpensively on a global scale by individuals using cheap consumerised technology, the value of centralised decision making and expensive bureaucracies is diminishing. Firms and industry organisations need to build engagement platforms to bridge the technology and communications gap to consumers, allies and stakeholders.  If they are not communicating with people where they are already connecting, talking and sharing, they will not be part of the conversation at all.

FinPix helps member organisations, groups of businesses and business leaders to adapt to the networked economy by organising networks of allies, customers and stakeholders into an industry channel.  Now you can collaborate with them in valuable ways, reach the right people, and be part of the conversations which matter. We do this using a proprietary five step engagement platform process developed by yBC (one of the founding partners of FinPix).

Our proprietary process is outlined below.  If you haven’t already, take a look at the range of services we offer and some of our latest case studies.

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With a unique combination of world-class big data tools, analytical methodologies and in-house expertise, we’ll map out important context for you: the market, your competitors, real or brewing issues, potential allies, hot topics and more.

Brands are becoming publishers, but very few organisations have mastered how to create compelling, engaging content that has impact and cuts through. yBC’s proprietary content development processes will help you get the attention you deserve.

yBC Engagement Platform Reach
More than ever before, there is a huge choice in channels, platforms and methods with which to share your content. It’s crucial that you make the right choices and implement this well, to reach more of the right people. yBC does this superbly.

How powerful would it be if you could build a network of existing and new allies, connect with them digitally, and all help each other to reach even more people? yBC’s proprietary outreach processes will achieve this for you all.

Our unique Dashboard allows you to see how well your organisation is connected, how far your message is reaching, and how engaged people are with your content. One dashboard, all networks, no limits.